Medical Billing

Complexity of Documentation and Data

In 2021, when the Evaluation and Management guidelines were revised, the area with the most confusion was ultimately the amount and/or complexity of data to be reviewed and/or analyzed. Like with other components, misunderstandings with definitions and descriptions were at the root of the problem. It is extremely important to read the full description and …

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Calculating your Lesion and Wound Coding

How are you doing with your Lesion and Wound Repair Coding? Many Physicians across specialties perform skin procedures so it’s important that we understand the proper coding and documentation required. Knowing the guidelines for Lesion Excision and Wound Repair is crucial because at times they are bundled and the calculation methods are very different. Let’s …

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Radiation Oncology Audit Insights

Are you struggling with your Evaluation and Management reimbursement for Radiation Oncology services? Radiation Oncology has nuances, and you may be leaving money on the table without a good understanding of how the 2021 Evaluation and Management guidelines impact Oncology services.

When capturing Evaluation and Management services, the goal is to capture the true data behind the risk and problems addressed to report the service accurately. Beyond the reimbursement, what else does the accuracy of code capture do?

The Underlying Disease of a Medical Practice

  I have experience with nearly all operational roles in a provider’s practice. I have been involved in almost every role in the medical office except for clinical. This has provided me with a unique understanding of the barriers and opportunities for patients and providers for the healthcare process. This experience has been my motivation …

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