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Dissect your General Surgery Documentation

Certified Instructor

Live and On Demand

2 CEU Credit

We will have a  discussion for what Coders and Biller’s struggle with in General Surgery and will highlight Documentation hurdles and proper dissection of key areas.

Key areas will be with Anatomy, Common GI Procedures in General Surgery,Using Unlisted Codes, Trauma and Critical Care, NCCI and Modifiers


Course level: All Levels

Duration: 1 h

What Will I Learn?

  • Common General Surgery Denials
  • What the Data Shows
  • Medical Necessity and Documentation
  • Industry Insight into auditing
  • Learn the proper modifiers per payer
  • CMS regulations and restrictions
  • NCCI Manual
  • Unlisted Procedures
  • Dissecting the Operative Note

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Non Invasive Procedures
  • What does NCCI say about Bundling?
  • Using Modifier 24,25 and 57
  • Common GI Procedures in General Surgery
  • Tighten up your Anatomy
  • Using Unlisted Codes
  • Modifiers by Payer
  • Trauma and Critical Care
  • ICD10-CM Reminders for the Digestive System
  • Dissecting an Operative Report


  • Operating System: Windows any version preferably above Windows Vista & Mac any version above OS X 10.6
  • Internet Speed: Preferably above 1 MBPS
  • Headset: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and hear clearly

Target Audience

  • Office Managers
  • Clinic Managers
  • Hospital Director
  • Medical Software Developers
  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • Coding and Billing Trainee

About the instructor

Jennifer McNamara


She has been working since last 18 years in many specialized areas of Coding. Currently she does remote coding for multiple surgical specialties including Orthopedics, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Trauma. She have experience coding Urology, and Interventional Radiology. Jen is the owner of Ozark Coding Alliance LLC where she offer Education Services for Training Current and Future Coder. Offering Online Education for CPC and CRC Exam Preparation in addition to many Specialty Exams. We hold Workshops and Webinars to help you succeed in the Industry.


~ Heather Boliman

I absolutely loved the lay out with the pre-recorded sessions followed by the Zoom Q&A. I look forward to more info from you guys!

~ Carol Hodge

Speakers were excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the event.