Episode 4:Interview with Tech Giant Bettina Hein

Join me as I Interview Bettina Hein. Bettina is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Pixability, which is a text-to-speech software that lives on in all Android phones and a lot of car navigation systems right out of graduate school and sold it for $125 million. Bettina is a “shark” on the Swiss TV version of Shark Tank, has also received numerous awards such as the ‘2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the  Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Award. Now she founded ‘Juli’ – is an AI powered health app/startup that helps people with chronic health conditions. The dives into data tracked passively through your smartphone or other wearables, environmental data and self-reported data and then use machine learning to pinpoint factors that make your condition worse and actors that make things better.

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