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CPC® Exam Preparation

2022 Professional Coding Course

Our 2022 Professional Coding Course is available online and On Demand. Only $1299

It will prepare you for the CPC® Exam or CCS-P® Exam

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Course Options

  • Course and Training Workbook:$1299
  • Book Bundle:$225 Purchased Separately. Ask your Instructor
  • Anatomy Course Recommended
  • CPC  $49 for students
  • Job Coaching: FREE
  • Mentorship 6 months: FREE
  • Annual CEU Membership: FREE 18 CEU

Key concepts covered include:

  • ICD10-CM Coding Guidelines
  • CPT Coding Guidelines
  • Exam Preparation for CPC and CCS-P
CRC® Preparation

Risk Adjustment Masterclass

Master Risk Adjustment Documentation and prepare for your CRC® in 12 weeks

  • $1599
  • Training Manual Purchased Separately
  • 2022 ICD10-CM Manual Purchased Separately
  • Complete ICD10-CM Curriculum
  • Pharmacology
  • Risk Adjustment Models
  • ICD10 Documentation Improvement
  • Quizzes
  • CRC Mock Exam

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Learning and design features:

  • Vocabulary terms highlighted within the text and defined at the bottom of the page.
  • “Advice/Alert Notes” that highlight important coding and documentation advice from federal regulatory sources.
  • “Coding Tips” with practical advice from sources like AHA’s Coding Clinic and cautionary notes about conflicts and exceptions.
  • “Clinical Coding Examples” that provide notes and codes to illustrate risk-adjustment, coding and documentation concepts
  • “Documentation tips” that highlight recommendations to physicians regarding what should be included in the medical record or how ICD-10-CM may classify specific terms.
  • “Abstract & Code It!” exercises that test diagnosis abstraction and coding skills.

Certified Professional Medical Auditor CPMA®


  • Starting at $1599
  • Online Blackboard Modules from AAPC®
  • Course Instructions
  • Online Quizzes
  • Medical Auditing Training: CPMA®
  • CPMA Mock Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Exam and Books Included

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Certified CPMAs demonstrate expertise in:

  • Medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties for documentation and coding violations based on governmental guidelines
  • Coding Concepts
  • Scope and Statistical Sampling Methodologies
  • Medical Record Auditing Skills and Abstraction Ability
  • Quality Assurance and Coding Risk Analysis
  • Communication of Results and Findings
  • The Medical Record

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