General Surgery Coding Workshop


In this workshop we will highlight best practices in Coding, Billing and Compliance

General Surgery Coders, Billers and Practice Managers will want to attend each session and have the opportunity to talk with our General Surgery experts

8 CEUS Offered


🔸️Depth of Skin Coding: Biopsy, Lesion Excision, Debridement and Repair

🔸️Navigating NCCI and Provider Communication

🔸️Reduce Prior Authorization Burdens

🔸️Breast Biopsy and Mastectomy Guidelines

🔸️Large Bowel: Endoscopy and Resection

🔸️Reduce Upper GI Denials

🔸️General surgery EM for 2021

🔸️Interview with Dr. Cross

🔸️The Complexities of Hernia Repair