Ophthalmology Visionary Summit


Oncospark presents our annual Ophthalmology Visionary Summit! Our keynote speakers will discuss the latest trends in the field of ophthalmology billing and coding.

They will provide attendees with insight into how to effectively manage their billing process and maximize their revenue. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops and networking sessions. These sessions will allow attendees to ask questions and get advice from experts in the field.

The networking sessions will also allow attendees to meet and discuss their billing challenges with other ophthalmologists and coders.
LIVE Virtual event June 15-16 2023

*The conference is open to all ophthalmologists, billing professionals, and other healthcare professionals

Key Session you do not want to miss:

  • Maximize revenue with Evaluation and Management vs Eye Codes
  • Stay compliant with eye injections
  • ASC Billing challenges and processes that work
  • Staffing trends and practice management
  • Diagnostic testing LCD review
  • Co-Management communication
  • ICD-CM Documentation and Medical Necessity
  • Surgical documentation and modifier review
  • In and Out of Network best practices
  • No surprise Billing review

This 2-day event offers 15 CEUS and a very special Physician

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